Qilo Matzen, CMT
Orthopedic Manual Therapy in Berkeley, CA

The Articulate Anatomy


January 12, 2020. 10am - 6pm

w/ paige starling sorvillo and Qilo Matzen

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The Articulate Anatomy Series offers a visual, tactile, experiential, nerdy/intellectual look at the anatomy and kinesiology of the body. In each weekend workshop, we will:

  • Learn detailed musculoskeletal anatomy through building tactile models.
  • Deepen our understanding of kinesiology by learning gentle movements drawn from Noguchi Taiso, Body-Mind Centering, and Pilates.
  • Hone our abilities to see, feel, and understand the language of the body.


The Articulate Shoulder, Arm, & Hand - January 12, 2020
The Articulate Hip, Leg, & Foot - May 17, 2020
The Articulate Spine & Pelvis - Fall 2020

All classes are Sunday 10am - 6pm.



FEES: $200 per workshop, Early Birds $150 (3-wks prior) - 10% discount for 2019/2020 Hendrickson Method Students

PAYMENTS: If you'd like to pay by cash or check, please email us.

REFUNDS: If you have an emergency, talk to us.

LOCATION: Shotgun Studios, 1201 University Ave, Berkeley, CA

ACCESSIBILITY: Shotgun Studios is ADA accessible. Please talk to us if you have other access needs.

TO REGISTER: contact paige & Qilo at thearticulateanatomy@gmail.com or click here.


Qilo Matzen and paige starling sorvillo are Hendrickson Method® Therapists with extensive backgrounds in dance and therapeutic movement practices. They are excited to offer this course integrating their anatomical knowledge with movement studies drawn from their respective trainings in somatics and Pilates.

For more information about paige, visit www.paigestarlingsorvillo.com


The Articulate Anatomy Series is co-presented by the Hendrickson Method Institute.

To learn more about the Hendrickson Method of Massage and Manual Therapy or to register for the 2018/2019 Hendrickson Method courses, please visit: www.hendricksonmethod.com