Qilo Matzen, CMT
Orthopedic Manual Therapy in Berkeley, CA

About Hendrickson Method

image by finley coyl

A gentle and effective rehabilitative manual therapy, Hendrickson Method® increases function by:

  • rehydrating soft tissue
  • re-programming the nervous system
  • mobilizing joints

Often performed side lying, the deeply relaxing rhythmic oscillations resuscitate the spine along with the rest of the body. Participate in your healthcare through gentle interactive movements that train your muscles and nervous system to work more efficiently. Find out more information here: www.hendricksonmethod.com

Qilo works on a clientEffective in assessing and addressing:
- Lower Back Pain
- Entrapped Peripheral Nerves
- Neck and Shoulder Pain
- Postural Imbalances like pronation, knock knees, unleveled hips
- Frozen Shoulders
- Post-Surgery Recovery
- and many other acute and chronic orthopedic conditions