Qilo Matzen, CMT
Orthopedic Manual Therapy in Berkeley, CA

About Qilo Matzen


About Qilo (ky-lo):
Qilo MatzenA down-to-earth body-geek from North Carolina, I draw from an extensive movement background to help people feel more comfortable in their bodies. After receiving a BFA in Dance in 2002 from UIUC, I studied Dynamic Embodiment – Somatic Movement Therapy and Swedish Massage through Moving on Center in Oakland. Drawn to the Hendrickson Method® for its gentle clarity and effectiveness, I used a combination of HM and Pilates to recover from years of dance injuries and chronic fatigue and in June 2014, graduated as a Hendrickson Method Therapist. I teach how to self-advocate for one’s body and strive to improve access to healthcare by working with people within many communities in both my own Berkeley-based practice and at the Hendrickson clinic. I continue to improvise and choreograph, and love bikes, long hikes, and vegetable gardens.

image by finley coyl

Education and Certifications:
Hendrickson Method® Therapist Training, 200 hours, May 2014
Advanced Anatomy for Pilates and Massage, Teaching Assistant, 28 hours, May 2014
Certified Massage Practitioner, Dec 2013

Hendrickson Method® Practitioner Training, 200 hours, May 2013
Advanced Anatomy for Pilates and Massage, 56 hours, May 2013
Embodiment in Education, 35 hours, 2009
Dynamic Embodiment Somatic Movement Therapist Training, 500 hours, 2007
CMT- Somatic Educator, Institute of Conscious BodyWork, 197 hours, 2005
Somatic Education Training, Moving on Center, 105 hours, 2005
BFA with honors in Dance, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2002